How often to clean a canister filter for 75 gallon aquarium?

A canister filter is recommeded to use for 75 gallons aquarium as it has a larger body than most other filter that allows the filter to hold extra media and power enough to filter 75 gallon tank and more. A canister filter ensure that all the impurities and debris that are not needed in the water are removed.

However, even the best filter for 75 gallon aquarium needs to be cleaned as well. Canister filters are susceptible to clogging. If you want your fish and other aquarium animals live in a safe, clean enviroment, It is essential to create your canister filter maintenance schedule.

#1 What are the signs that you should clean your canister?

Actually, there are no exactly time when you need to clean your canister filter as the canister filters are different. For example, fluval filter will require more frequently to clean than a Eheim canister filter. Not only that, small tank also need to be cleaned more time than larger one. 75 gallons tank will clean for longer than 30 gallons tank.

However, there are some things will tell you when is your time to clean your canister filter. Here are some signs that you should clean your canister:

When you detect bed odor from your aquarium water or it is become cloudy.

You have high levels of nitrate in your aquarium.

You can easy see much of debris and other solid particles are float in the water.

Your canister filter is clogged.

#2 How often should you change canister filter media for 75 gallons tank

Changing filter media also means that you will remove some essential bacterial from your tank, so you should not change all your media at once. 75 gallons tank does not require to maintain much frequently. How often to change the filter media depends on the types of media.

Ceramic media will not require changing for a long time, it can run for up to several years without need to be change. However, the sponge and floss filters will catch debirs and need to be changed more frequently. You can cut the sponge filters into half and replace one half and the other half after a week or so.

Chemical filter will nee to be change if you use carbon-filled bags for your filter. Carbon is only effective for a few weeks, and then you need to replace the cartridges. But if itnot contain carbon, you can replace it when you notice some odor or cloudy appearance in your aquarium water.

Should You Get The Nano Aquarium Form Fish Tank Shop Near Me?

What is the nano aquarium? Basically, it is the small tank that contains only a maximum of 30 gallons of water. For example, a small saltwater tank holds only 15 gallons may be considered as a nano tank.

If you are looking for a tank to keep fish that placed on your desktop, your kitchen countertop or in your office, the nano tank can be the best option to buy in the fish tank shop near me. 

However, there are also some drawbacks will come with the tiny aquarium.

The advantages of nano aquarium fish tank

The small tanks absolutely save more money than the larger tanks. Due to its size, you can use less of the equipment for this tank and also it requires less energy to run. Moreover, the larger tanks will take more cost to be maintained, and they need the equipment with stronger capacity.

Nano tank takes less space. This is the most attractive reason that makes people choosing a nano tank. If you do not have much space, or you prefer the small tank to place in the desktop, or you are living in a small apartment.

It is needless to say that the nano tank should be the best aquarium starter kits. What is better to create a lively working space than a small fish tank?

Nano tank is lightweight. If you have ever use the large tank before, you will know that weight is an issue for your floor and you might need a strong shelf to hold this tank.

Besides, the lightweight tank also allows you to move it everywhere you want. For every couple of weeks, you will need to change 20% of water in the tank. With the nano tank, this process will be faster and take less effort than a large tank.

The drawbacks of nano fish tank

Using the nano space means that you just have enough space to keep one or two fishes inside. Because each fish will require its own territory.

The limited space also allows the pollution process to occur faster. This pollution due to fish waste, food, and dirt built up in the tank.

So you have to clean and change the water more frequently. For all the cases, the larger tank is always better for fish health.

Best guinea pig food: What you should feed your guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are known as herbivores, they just eat greens and fruits and do not eat meat, insects. Guinea pigs are burrowing rodents native to the South American grasslands. Their teeth never stop growing, so that they need plenty of roughage to help wear down their teeth.

In order to keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy, you should provide in their diet:

The best guinea pig food is grass or grass hay and any hay that have low calcium. You can feed them with unlimited amounts of hay. It also should have a good quality; the quality hay encourages the guinea pigs chewing longer, which helps them to wear down their teeth. Moreover, hay also works as the best guinea pig chews.

Providing in their daily diet a variety of green vegetables and herbs. The vegetables you should feed your guinea pigs include green lettuce. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, endive, squash, kale. You should offer fresh vegetables for them once a day.

The valuable source of vitamin C also plays an important role in your guinea pigs’ diet. Some foods are vitamin C rich such as green veggies and capsicums can be fed every day.  There are also some vitamin C supplies like carrots, kiwi, pineapple but they have a high level of sugar.

So that you should not feed them this food daily. Instead, these foods will be great for your pet to feed a few times a week.

If you have any change to your guinea pigs foods or diet, note that the new foods should be provided in a gradual way for a few weeks. This is to ensure that your guinea pig’s digestive system will have time to get used to these new foods and adjust by itself.

How to choose the best tortilla press?

The best tortilla press is an extremely convenient and flexible device that can help you make beautiful tortillas and even burritos or quesadillas can be made easily.

It can be said that with this device you do not need to buy commercial tortillas with many preservatives, and you can also create many different tortillas with different materials and flavors.

You can buy a tortilla press easily at local stores, but choosing the best one is not easy.

What you need to consider before buying a tortilla press has been summarized below:

#1 Size

Size is also one of the important factors to consider for a tortilla press. The size of the tortilla press will determine the size of the finished tortilla.

The most common tortilla press size is about 6 to 8 inches. With a smaller tortilla press, you can make both burritos or quesadillas. Finished products are also easier to be stored.

With an 8 inch tortilla press, the tortilla will be larger, making it easier to roll. However it is also quite difficult to store.

#2 Design

You should buy a tortilla designed to be easy to use and friendly. The two plates should also be designed to fit together perfectly to squeeze the tortilla.

You certainly don’t want to buy a tortilla press that takes hours to figure out how to work it.

#3 Material

You can easily find a painted tortilla to prevent rust in any store. However, the poor quality paint can peel off at any time, and it will be even easier to peel off when exposed to high temperatures for a long time.

The best quality for a tortilla is cast iron. This material does not need paint to prevent rust and it also withstands high temperatures very well.

#4 Budget

Choosing a tortilla press according to price criteria is also something you should consider.

If you do not have a lot of experience making tortilla, you should choose a tortilla press with more useful features. It will be a bit more expensive but worth the investment.

Can CBD and Marijuana take over your skin care routine

MARIJUANA for skin care

Regardless of whether its eczema or acne, taking care of a troubled skin could feel like an impossible feat. There are a thousand focuses one could attempt, from over the counter creams and furthermore face washes, to remedy moisturizers and even some drugs. For a few, there will be accomplishments with these methodologies for most folks but we have to admit that when it comes to the pursuit for clear and healthy and balanced skin, it can be frustrating and recurring.

Cannabis’ Skin Care Prospective

It is not unexpected that pot may have skin-recuperating benefits. Every one of the segments exists. Marijuana is a recognized calming, cancer prevention agent and anti-aging commercial or residential properties. Also, hemp seed oil contains omega-6 and additionally omega-3 fats, which supply security and dampness from sunray harms.

The endocannabinoid framework contains various cannabinoid receptors, and in addition, a major segment of these can be found in the skin. Atoms in cannabis, for example, CBD and THC connect with this framework to achieve the beforehand said constructive outcomes.

Normally, when it relates to a healthy skin, tropical are basic. Smoke, regardless of the compound, is never friendly to the skin. In actuality, if healthy skin is on the focal point of one’s brain, it could be shrewd to bypass smoking cigarettes altogether in return for edibles or vaporizing. For focused mending, there is a scope of topical items to consider. Cannabis-determined CBD oil and hemp oil, for instance, are getting famous as skin medications.

Managing Skin Conditions with Cannabis

Study after study examines the potential for cannabis reforming the skin treatment world, yet the theme remains rather obscure. In any case, one need not look far to hear stories of the individuals who have really succeeded utilizing cannabis for a wide range of skin conditions. One such story starts from Casey Scalf.

A few years ago, Scalf built up an instance of contact dermatitis after a reaction to tea tree oil. The rash stayed on his face for two weeks after which he decided to go see a dermatologist that recommended an anti-fungal cream and some steroids. While the treatment brought at first to some users in the weeks that followed, the breakout indicated consistency in some cases and returned far more atrocious in other cases.

After all that, Scalf decided it was time to carry out his own research and give CBD oil a trial. Scalf got some unadulterated CBD oil, and in addition, kept on blending it on a 1:1 proportion with natural coconut oil. After a hot bath to open up the pores, he applied the blend tenderly until it starts getting absorbed. Scalf understood that this mix could cause irritation or burning when it comes in contact with the eyes. Considering that the breakout got all over, he must be mindful so as to keep the mix away from his eyes.

Scalf proceeded with this treatment for seven days and gradually monitored his progress. On the 7th day, he reports that his dermatitis was altogether gone.

9 months after his research, Scalf put down his findings in writing. About 1 year after that, he offered a total overhaul on his skin disease.

“I’ve had no abatement or relapse and there have been no signs of return.” He said. He also noted that it’s over a year considering that the disaster is over. Unlike the lotions that were previously prescribed which basically treated the side effects, he said the CBD approach was “somewhat obvious.”

How To Make Halo Halo?

Halo halo, as known as a Filipino shaved ice sundae, is the classic dessert and also the summertime treat in the Philippines. Halo Halo in Tagalog means “mix-mix” so it is a colorful layered dessert composing of the main ingredients: sweetened beans, shaved ice, fruits, evaporated milk and scoops of ice cream.

I am really into Halo Halo and one day I decided to make my own Halo halo. I took many pieces of research on recipes and then did my first Filipino dessert. In this article, I wanna share with you the instruction of “How to make Halo halo” collected from all the actual practices when making this shaved ice sundae.

How to Make Halo Halo?

As I’ve said above, the ingredients which are used to make halo halo are kinda different and various so they need to be placed in a tall glass in order to expose the beauty of these ingredients. The number one element that we can’t ignore is shaved ice. (I had my best shaved ice machine from Amazon here). Not crushed or ice cubes, shaved ice brings the perfect connection to other ingredients easier, especially when you add some scoops of evaporated milk on top.

The main components of a cup of Halo halo like fruits and sweetened beans or ice creams could change by seasons and personal hobbies. You can use jackfruit, mango, banana for fruits; red beans, chickpeas or black beans for sweetened beans also different flavors of ice creams. It depends on what kinds of ingredient you and your guest may like and what is available in your kitchen. After completely choosing ingredients, you need to prepare each of them ready to be placed in the glass, it means that fruits are sliced into cubes and beans are cooked well. Put respectively fruits on the bottom layer and next is the sweetened beans and then add shaved ice drizzled with evaporated milk, finally top this cup by 2 to 3 scoops of ice cream. Additional components that can be used to make your glass of Halo halo become more untraditional are sprinkling some cereals or even adding black pearls. Now mix, mix and mix your colorful and layered glass of Halo halo and enjoy the sound of summer around you.

There are some notes I want you to notice when making and serving Halo Halo:

– When you don’t have any tall glass, you can use a big bowl or cup instead, as long as it is easy for you to mix. Tall glasses just serves for exposing the beauty inside so it is suitable for people who run a dessert store and want to level up the visual of their products in the customers’ eyes.

– The only secret to a great glass of halo halo is no matter it has the best cast of ingredients, it must include the freshly shaved ice. Ice has be to remained soft and snowy so everything will completely mix and bloom in your mouth. It is the reason why you need the best shaved ice machine.

Rue Ruta graveolens Also known as the Herb of Grace

Rue is viewed as an out of fashion herb and is rarely grown these days. Could it be because graveolens is Latin word meaning “having an offensive and strong smell?” (Current investigations report that rue can be harmful if eaten.

herbs at Grace Farms

Setting that aside, rue is an entrancing herb in view of its long history in the restorative world. Also, despite the fact that a plant loses mass interest doesn’t mean people will no longer grow it in their garden. Rue can be a gardener’s best friend since smell keeps pets from trampling on your herbs and also repels Japanese beetles.
To learn more about this interesting herb, please continue reading
Local to Europe, Rue is a thick evergreen herb bearing little yellow blossoms which, similar to the foliage, emanate an off-putting smell. For a considerable length of time, rue was thought to cure incalculable conditions: eye strain, insect bites and even averting the plague. Rue can also be used in cooking sauces and marinades and also be used to make green dyes. In the old days, Romans utilized the seeds of this perennial herb in their cooking. Rue likewise had a place in Catholic customs, so it is regarded repentance herb and grace herb. Also, Both Leonardo de Vinci and Michelangelo supposedly utilized rue to enhance their visual perception and inventiveness.
In the present day, rue is developed decoratively or for use in dried bloom arrangements. In the event that you grow this herb, put on pants, long sleeves and rubber gloves when pruning or harvesting to prevent your skin coming in contact with the sap that could cause irritation to the skin (contact with its leaf oils can also cause itching, blistering and burning).
These days we realize that rue can be harmful when eaten in vast amounts and an excessive amount of it can create extreme stomach cramps, so try to leave it out of your cooking.
Planting rue herb in your garden can be to your advantage. Its unpalatable odor repulses numerous animals, including cats, dogs and Japanese beetles, making this herb a superb sidekick plant. Additionally, its semi-woody development can be pruned into nonconventional fences around rose and herb gardens.
Cheat Sheet
• Rue possesses greenish-yellow blossoms with frilly edges, which pull in butterflies around mid-year.
• Grow rue herb as a sidekick plant to repulse bugs. Rue is particularly useful when planted close to raspberries and roses. The strong-smelling dried leaves additionally make an efficient moth repellent. Just cut a modest bunch of leaves, dry them up and place them in sachets or areas where you need insects to stay away.
• Rue makes an extraordinary cut flower so consolidate a couple into a cutting garden.
Keep It Alive
• Rue flourishes in a sunny, well-drained and dry situation and is not picky.
• Its average height is about 2 to 3 feet tall.
• Rue is dry season tolerant, so specifically plant it in areas of your garden that requires little or no care.

Tips And Tricks For Growing Parsley All Year Round

While there are many herbs that can be easily be grown, parsley can always be found at the highest priority on my rundown of herbs to grow. Be it an outdoor or indoor plant, parsley is a pillar.

Growing Parsley

The most effective method to grow parsley from seed

In spite of the fact that parsley seeds can take a disappointing month and a half to grow, everything will be simple after the wait. Parsley seeds are so little; there are around 650 parsley seeds for every gram measured. It is always best to plant parsley seeds in spring after all risk of ice has passed. Get these seeds from legitimate garden supply stores and follow these easy steps for you to be able to grow them directly from seeds.

Stage 1. Get the Plant Bed ready

It is fortunate parsley can do well with different vegetables, so you can sow parsley seeds in a plant bed that contains vegetables like peas, chives and carrots. Set up your plant bed by spreading a thick layer of all properly rotted manure in the plant bed and till the soil afterward.

Stage 2. Sowing Parsley Seeds

Dig up no so deep trenches measuring 12 to 18 inches apart by drawing a line using the tip of a garden scraper or by means of a garden trowel. You can improve the germination rate of the seeds by soaking them in warm water overnight. You may likewise blend the seeds with sand to effectively sow the seeds along the trench. Tenderly and equally sprinkle the seeds along the trenches before watering to dampen the soil.

Stage 3. Thin Parsley Seedlings

Name your plant bed to distinguish where your plants are since the seeds grow gradually. Keep watering your parsley plant bed to keep it wet yet not soaked. Parsley seedlings look like modest pieces of turf which you can without much of a stretch confuse for weeds. Hold up till the seedlings are 3 inches in height before thinning them so they are six inches separated from each other.

Tips For Growing Parsley From Seeds

It is a known fact that planting parsley at the base of your rose bushes will improve their fragrance? Parsley herb also grows well around onions, pepper and tomatoes, but not so well around lettuce and mint. Keep your parsley plant free from weed and moist. You can physically haul out weeds from the plant bed or better still, you can apply organic mulch in the bed to get the job done. This will keep it saturated and counteract the growth of weed.

Growing Parsley Indoors

I don’t matter whether you’re growing parsley as a base cut or right from seeds, they can both grow well indoors. Truth be told, parsley as a plant thrives well indoors so feel free to take a shot at it. Read through these basic steps to grow your parsley indoors:

For your indoor herb plant, you should need to buy earthenware pots for a satisfying indoor garden. Be that as it may, you can likewise reuse old containers with drainage openings for this reason. Take out your pots and fill them up with fertilized soil or rich garden soil with manure. Sprinkle parsley seeds over the rich soil and then spread a fourth of an inch of fertilizer. Ensure the seeds are totally covered and not visible to light because they require utmost darkness to germinate.

Whatever approach you decide to take on while growing parsley, I’m certain you’ll see it fun and fascinating. Growing herbs in your garden is an extraordinary method to enhance your wellbeing.